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Every band you hear has an effect on you - every song has the power to lift you up, make you feel, and release your soul from the chains of the now. Swell is a band of amazing musicians for whom each song is a passionate offering on the altar of rock and each concert connects you to your best memories, gets you dancing and singing along, and puts you in a better place all night long. Book Colorado's Premier Classic Rock Band for your next concert, event, and party and make it Swell!






Garcia (Lead Vocals / Guitars) has a golden ear and has forgotten more about singing lead and harmony than you will ever learn. He once met Jerry when he was tripping and J thought he was looking into a mirror.


"El Guapo"

El Guapo plays lead guitar and sings for Swell. He also makes a plethora of guitars and mandolins in Divide, CO as Blues Road Guitars. Some people think he looks like Eric Clapton or Trey Anastasio. Most don't.



Rico sings and plays Guitar and Pedal Steel in Swell. He's a player's player and knows every song ever written in the history of the Universe. But he only plays the good ones.


"Rock Pyle"

Rock Pyle claims that Louie Belson was his relative and that drumming is in his genes. We just hope he drums in his jeans, cause we can't think about the alternative.


"El Loco"

El Loco has the largest physical music collection known to man. He's a superb bassist and brings deep cuts from that collection to his work with Swell. Did we say deep cuts? All the way to the bone, baby!


"Alli Rose"

Alli Rose plays keys and adds incredible lead and harmony vocals to Swell. She's the secret sauce to Swell shows and we (and you) are lucky to have her!

Audience Sitting During a Concert


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